Monday, December 1, 2014


 Good Evening <3

Christmas is creeping up and some of the items on my wishlist is from Storenvy Shop, Syndrome!
Their items are both kawaii and cheap ^-^ ~
To make it even cheaper, please use my code "saicachii" to get 5% off your next order!

Here are some of my favourites from their shop right now: 


Happy Shopping <3


Sunday, November 30, 2014


Kana Nishino - Darling 

Aah ~ My favourite song right now ^-^ 

It's absolutely adorable, relaxing and reminds me a lot of my boyfriend I've been listening to it a lot while editing pictures these days... ~ 


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Little Red Riding Hood Shoot

I'm a little late with this... I've been pretty swamped and stressed out lately so I haven't had the time for my blog 。o゜(p´□`q)゜o。
I'll write in my next post what I'm up to these days!
There's a lot of exciting things going on! 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

Anyways! Here's the first part of the pictures! ^-^ <3


Monday, October 20, 2014


 I just became a Model for PinkMilkSweden and I couldn't be happier *-* <3
The chokers she makes are so damn adorable and wellmade, I can't wait to take lots of pictures with them ~
I will have a photoshoot this week with the chokers and different outfits so keep an eye out for that post!



Two of the outfits I will be wearing for the shoot
(Though changes might be made)
Only two more to go! ^-^

Please visit her store I promise it will be worth it <3


Monday, October 13, 2014

Alice Photoshoot

Aaah the Alice Photoshoot... <3 

We had to climb many trees to get this shoot done! (literally)
It was so much fun and we decided we'll go back there for more shoots (Alice included) since they have so many beautiful places there <3 

Into the Maze

Going to Wonderland

Through the Rabbit Hole

Alone in the Woods...


Monday, September 29, 2014

Yumetenbo Order

I really want to make an order from yumetenbo so I'm saving some money...
I always get stressed about what I'm going to buy though so I don't waste money on clothes I won't wear >-<

These are the ones I'm choosing between: