Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ghost of Harlem

Introducing to you, my favourite Japanese Online Shop for clothes right now! 

Ghost of Harlem
2014 Spring/Summer Collection 

I'm just so in love with their clothes that I buy from them all the time... @-@ (More than I can afford)
Their style is very "me" and the way they style their models... Is exactly how I want to look! 

Also, these pictures really makes me wanna bleach my hair blonde again...


Saturday, March 8, 2014

Milky Bunny

Ne Kamatte

Obsessed with Milky Bunny's music right now (>_<)'' (Again)


Her music is really great for lifting my spirits ~ It just makes me want to dance around and sing!

And... She's just too adorable...! T_T I mean, just look at her in this Dolly Wink commercial! (Also, her song "Zurui yo" is playing in this and I just love it)

Dolly Wink ~