Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ghost of Harlem

Introducing to you, my favourite Japanese Online Shop for clothes right now! 

Ghost of Harlem
2014 Spring/Summer Collection 

I'm just so in love with their clothes that I buy from them all the time... @-@ (More than I can afford)
Their style is very "me" and the way they style their models... Is exactly how I want to look! 

Also, these pictures really makes me wanna bleach my hair blonde again...



  1. duuude.. that girl is so gorgeous, she makes me want to buy aaalll the clothes o_o dangerous D:

    1. I knuuuw riight D8 <3 So gonna fix my hair like that in time for summer... ~ <3

  2. you should D: you're so lucky, being able to be blond..<3 and it suits you even