Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Powder Blue Ombre - Emerald Wigs Emporium

Got this incredibly gorgeous wig from Emerald Wigs Emporium not too long ago and of course I have to tell you all about it! ❤ 

I am one of their lucky models but my review will be 100% honest.

When I first picked it up, it felt a bit thin in my hands but I came to realize that that was a good thing.
It looks very full and lush when it's on but it feels very thin and light on my head, which makes it very very comfortable to wear.
I often forget I'm even wearing a wig with it on me.

The color is amazing, it's a bit more green in real life (closer to the color on their mannequin head) but it turned out this way when I took the pictures and edited them and I think they turnet out great!
Link to the product:

If you'd like to look at the color a bit closer, check out this video review on youtube by Fubuki Cosplay!

It's a good way to see how it looks in real life and how you can make it pop in pictures!

It's great for everyday use and fashionshoots! I've gotten tons of compliments.
I completely recommend them for all your wig needs, you will get great quality, great style and great communication!

❤ Rating - 5/5 Hearts 

- Saicachii

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