Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Edgy Mermaid ~ Outfit ~

Outfit Post with one of my favourite wigs from LockShop ^-^ <3

I've always wanted a red wig! I don't like dyeing my hair red, I did it once and it took a year to bleach it until it was all gone o-o''
Red is already a hard color to remove from your hair and my hair especially seemed to really have something against it.

Spiked Beanie: Amazon
Wig: LockShop 
Tshirt: Ghost of Harlem
Belt: Yumetenbo
Skirt: SheInside
Shoes: Yumetenbo

I really recommend their wigs, the quality is just great and I always go outside with them, feeling a little extra pretty <3 

 You all have a nice day now, mmkay? <3


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