Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Samsung Phone Cases

I recently got the Samsung Galazy S5 and with it, I ordered some cases ~ 

I got this one from Ebay ^^
Actually, there were some marks on it that looks like it came from a pen or something and I don't know what that little yellow spot (on the brown stripe) is...
But I've seen these all around ebay so they should be pretty easy to find if you search around for a bit ~
Remember to pick a seller with good reviews

Also, a few people have been asking me where I got this case; 

Aren't they adorable!? *-* 

It's great quality and I've dropped my phone 100000 times resulting in only one tiny rose falling off, which you can easily fix with some super glue ^-^ 

My last two cases are from Spreepicky
I am in love with this store and I've been fortunate enough to design some phone cases for them.
They sent me these two cases a couple of weeks ago as a thank you and I couldn't be happier <3

The one on the right is designed by me ^-^ and you can get it and the Sailor Moon case at their store <3 



  1. perfect post!!love these phone cases!! thanks for following on bloglovin! could you please follow me also on gfc as i did?
    thank you so much!:)

    1. Thank you very much I love them to! <3 <3 Sure no problem! ^-^

  2. Hey I recently bought an S5 to ^_^ phone twins haha~ And I got the Pikachu case to :3 Love the Hello Kitty case, might order one ^^ And I still love your sailor moon designed case that Spreepicky sells :3

    ~ Sann